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General Info

Everything you need to know about Medical-Link


Women’s Health Services is excited to have you as a member of our family. It is our commitment to provide you with quality care, and so in order to make your appointments more convenient, we would like to give you some general information about what to expect from our offices.

New Patients

You will find many resources on the site and on your provider’s site that’ll help you become familiar with our services. To complete the forms that you will need before your first visit, go to our Patient Forms Section. If this is your first time visiting WHS Chattanooga, you will be able to find a Network Provider or Physicians from our website. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Established Patients

Thank you again for choosing the WHS network for all your health needs. We’re continually changing to improve our services – you can keep up with WHS on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, you can use this site to explore topics in women’s health that are of interest to you. Visit our Learning Center Section for quick info on your provider and for patient forms, you can visit our Provider Section.

Office Hours and Appointments

Office hours for each of our providers vary from location to location. Visit the Provider Section to find the office hours and appointment policy for your personal provider. To get additional information on the Womens Diagnostic Center’s hours and appointments, visit the Women’s Diagnostic Center Section.

Patient Forms

Each physician has a patient form that will provide us with a basic assessment of your health needs. Please visit the Patient Forms Section to download your personal physician’s form. Please have your form prepared before you attend your appointment.

Practice and Financial Policies

As a courtesy to our patients, we file all primary and secondary insurance claims for participating providers. The patient is responsible for payment if there is any remaining balance on the account.

Our billing staff is available to assist you with all billing questions. However, to ensure you receive the greatest benefit from your health insurance carrier, we encourage you to become familiar with your benefits including co-payment, co-insurance, and deductible, as well as referral and pre-certification requirements.

Appointment Cancellations

Please visit your providers section to obtain the phone number to cancel your appointment. We understand that things happen, but if possible, give us 48 hours notice before cancellation.


HIPAA Policies

In 1996, Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to address multiple healthcare issues including the privacy and security of your health information.

Protected health information is the information we obtain in providing our services to you.

As required by HIPAA, it’s our policy to provide you with a copy of our “Notice of Privacy Practices” during your initial office visit. We must also ask that you sign an acknowledgement of receipt of this notice.

In addition, this HIPAA requirement makes it necessary for us to verify your legal relationship to the patient when you accompany an incompetent adult or minor child (18 years or younger) to the first office visit.

Please bring with you a copy of the court order that shows your appointment as one of the following:

– Legal guardian
   – Legal custodian
   – Conservator
   – Executor
   – Durable power of attorney for healthcare

Please visit for more information.