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Dr. Marshall Willis, MD

Dr. Marshall Willis, MD

Dr. Marshall Willis is a Radiologist with over 50 years of experience and licensure in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.

Dr. Willis graduated with his BS in Chemistry from King College in Bristol, TN in 1960, and received his MD from the U. of Virginia School of Medicine in 1964.  His residency was completed in Lexington, KY at the University of Kentucky Hospital, before joining the Air Force as a General Medical Officer, eventually becoming the Chairman of the Department of Radiology.

Dr. Willis’s tenure has included positions as a Staff Radiologist at hospitals across Tennessee and Alabama, and as a Medical Director at South Pittsburgh Hospital and Grandview Medical Center in Tennessee.  He is a retired member of the Radiology Society of North America, and currently lives in Marion County with his wife, Mimi.

Dr. Willis practices at Women’s Diagnostic Center.